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Electrical Service Change in Mesquite 

Panel Service Upgrades in Dallas 

If your panel is fairly new, you may be wondering why you are still not able to access all the power you need. The answer is that you likely do not have a level of service that is high enough to supply energy to your larger appliances. Many older homes are built with an amperage of about 100 to 200. However, the fact that we use so many new devices and modern equipment means that most houses require far more power, sometimes up to a 400-level amperage. 

If your supply is too low, you will not only experience malfunctioning appliances, but could suffer from dangerous surges. For dedicated electrical service change service, just reach out to Matrix Electric.

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Recognizing the Signs that Your Electrical Service Is Overloaded 

Keeping an eye out for the signs that your service has been overloaded is crucial to prevent a dangerous electrical fire or chance of electrocution. When these issues occur, it is time to schedule a “heavy up,” or an increase of amperage, to give you additional power.

You should have a professional electrician perform a heavy up if you notice problems such as:

  • Lights that dim and flicker when other appliances are turned on or plugged in
  • Your panel keeps tripping the breakers, even though the panel itself is neither old nor damaged
  • There is a sound of buzzing or crackling that continues after you have turned on appliances
  • The switches and outlets feel warm or hot when you touch them
  • You have smelled an odor of melting plastic or burning wires
  • It is impossible to use more than one electrical device or appliance at a time
  • There are scorch marks or visible discoloration on the outlets, plugs, or switches

What is a Heavy Up?

A heavy-up is a term used in the electrical industry to describe an upgrade to an existing service. This process, known as heavy-up electrical service, involves increasing the size of an electrical panel and/or adding additional ampacity to increase your total power supply. Matrix Electric specializes in heavy-up electrical services, providing reliable solutions for customers requiring higher energy capacity levels. 

Working with qualified technicians, we can provide heavy-up electrical installations that are fast and cost-effective. With our extensive experience and advanced equipment, we ensure that all heavy-up electrical projects are completed safely and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy-up electrical services!

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Why It Is Essential to Hire an Expert Electrician to Upgrade Your Electric Service

Whether you are looking to upgrade your service to 200 amps or 400 amps, the process itself is extremely complicated, even in the preparations. Not only do you have to see whether the panel is capable of handling your requirements, but if it is determined that your electric service itself is not sufficient, there are many elements that must be fulfilled. After a thorough inspection, your electrician will need to ensure that all licenses, easements, and permits have been acquired in regulation with state codes. They will also need to determine the meter locations and ensure that the height requirements are approved. 

Since preparing your home for an upgrade is so complicated, let alone the actual installation process itself, you will only be able to have full assurance that the job is done right if you hire professional electricians. Our technicians at Matrix Electric can help you make sure that every component is satisfied before starting the service upgrade.

Call us today at 469-812-8220 or contact our team online to ask questions about an electrical service change in Mesquite.