Why Not All Electricians are Equal

Lighting fixture and ladder

I want to start with something I hear all the time. "Well such and such electrical only wanted to charge me this much to complete the work".

I've heard this so many times in my electrical career, and sometimes it works out for the customer. But, I've also seen some really sloppy electrical work. Sometimes outright dangerous.

This week I received a call about a couple #breakers that are tripping in a house in #Dallas. Sounds like a simple fix. The homeowner believed changing the breakers would fix the issue. Although, when we accessed the issue, we determined that they had two overloaded circuits. As in most cases this usually happens when you have equipment on the circuit, like in the kitchen. Which is exactly where the problem was. Most of their kitchen appliance were being shared on the same circuit! Easy problem to locate, but were talking about a finished house. Now were stuck cutting drywall in a beautiful home to resolve this issue. Such a shame.

I believe any qualified #electrician would not have created such a problem. This could have been easily been avoided, but somewhere along the line the wrong person was trusted. Because of this the homeowner is stuck with a bill in the thousands to correct a problem that should have never been.

Now, I'm not one to complain. Heck, I certainly benefit from this mistake, but I certainly feel bad for the homeowner in this situation. To help future customers avoid problems like this, I have a few suggestions when vetting your next electrician.

#1 Please make sure the electrician has a #license. There are so many guys posing as real electricians who are not licensed. Would you trust your home and your family to a person whom the State of Texas deems unqualified to work on your electrical system. Do not just trust his word. Ask to see his license.

#2 Make sure the company has insurance. It's such a basic thing for a business to have insurance, but low and behold many homes are #wired by unlicensed and uninsured "electricians". I put quotations, because they are anything but electricians. Unfortunately this business has been flooded by unqualified people. We certainly have a shortage of qualified electricians. #MatrixElectric does have qualified electricians and we will provide proof of insurance to any customer to ease any concerns. That is what a true professional does.

#3 Ask any questions you see fit. If your potential electrician is not willing to answer any and all of your questions, then should he really be trusted? I find that most guys that refuse to take the time to get a license, don't really provide much customer service, if any at all. Also, don't just assume he is telling the truth. A simple google search can verify whether he is being honest with you.

When put in the wrong hands, electrical work can be dangerous. The worst electrician is one who thinks he knows what he is doing. This is why you should ease your concerns by hiring a reputable electrician.