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If you haven't heard of lighting control systems, your not alone. In the past, these systems were reserved for the wealthy. Systems like Lutron's "Radio Ra 2" and "Homeworks" have been advancing by the moment, creating an ever increasing lists of things you can control with your phone or by voice.

Although there are other systems on the market, #Lutron is a big player on the market. They offer fully functional lighting controls that go way above just controlling your lights. Imagine with the touch of one button, your lights dim, your window shades close and your thermostat turns to the perfect temperature. Sounds pretty cool! On top of that you never have to get out of bed. Although that sounds interesting enough, that only a very small sample of what lighting controls can do for a home.

The best part about this is Lutron has a new product that can bring these controls to the average homeowner, without breaking the bank. The system is called "#Caseta". It is truly a revolutionary product that I suspect will take off in the coming years.

"Caseta" allows you to do a many things that I believe can truly impress. Below I have created a list of things I believe deserve attention.

1) Geofencing - For me this is the very reason I first became interested in the product. #Geofencing allows your lighting control system to know when your coming home, and then in turn have specific settings occur before you ever walk through the front door. For example, I use this setting to control my front porch and security lights. By the time my vehicle reaches the house my lights on the outside are already on. I really like doing this, because first it is likely to scare off anyone lingering around, but also I can easily find my keys in the dark. These settings can be completely customized, so feel free to control any lights you wish.

2) Scenes - #Scenes give you the option to control multiples lights and/or devices at the same time. For instance, you can set up a button called "Good Morning". When you activate this "Good Morning" button many things could potentially happen, which is completely up to your imagination. A common setting would be to turn on your bedroom lights to lightly dimmed, your shade open up halfway. You walk down the hall, where your lights are already on. You approach the kitchen where, you guessed it, a lit up kitchen is waiting for you. You might be thinking that you really don't need this and you would be right, but that is not really the point. The point is, its just fun to be able to do this. Also, it really impresses your visitors. I know it impresses me every time I see it in action.

3) Randomization - This setting is really all about peace of mind. This setting allows you to have your lights randomly turn "on" and "off". You would activate this setting while not at home. This way it would appear from the outside that someone is home. I think the value of this is pretty obvious. I always believe that the harder you make it for an intruder the better. Its just that simple.

4) Schedules - The last setting I will discuss is schedules. This will give you the ability to have lights and devices to go to predetermined settings at predetermined times. I currently use this setting to have all my lights inside the house turn off by 9:00. I can tell you, my kids really hate this setting. They know that this signals its bedtime. On the other hand, I really love this setting. I no longer roam the house searching for lights to turn off. Also, you know with confidence you will be saving energy, if you forget to turn off the lights.

If you would like to learn more about this product you can contact us today!

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